All the proceeds from sales of our CDs and from live performances of  The 4 Sons have been donated to our chosen charities – in total, from 2013-2018 we raised over £57,000. 

Since relaunching in 2018 as Kol Tov (see we have continued to raise more money for the charities we chose in 2013.   Below you can learn more about the charities and why we chose them (written in 2013).

Tikkun Olam is an important motivator for us.

To obtain a copy of our CD, please donate to our chosen charities and we’ll gladly send you a copy in the post.

WaterAid enables the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water and sanitation. Together with improved hygiene, these basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty.   George visited Zambia to visit some of WaterAid’s projects and experience how your on-going donations can continue to help improve the lives of many of the people and children that he was fortunate to meet.  His diary is enlightening:  George’s Diary, Zambia April 2013 (and WaterAid’s video using some footage taken during the trip).

George: I can think of many things we can get for £15, whether it’d be a pizza or a cinema ticket, an Xbox game or a taxi ride. Those luxuries of life are things we tend to take for granted. When I was researching various charities before my barmitzvah, I called WaterAid and found out that for just £15 a life could be saved.That put things into perspective. Could you imagine not being able to take fresh water for granted? Forget the pizza for a minute, someone’s dying and you can do something about it. Millions of people in Africa have no choice but to drink contaminated water which is killing a child every 15 seconds. However, we are so lucky that we do have a choice, and for me it was an obvious one. Now, whenever I pay for something at the counter, I think to myself: “Hold on. Why am I buying this? Is it because I need it? No. There’s nothing I need. Could I be doing something better with it? Yes.” And there lies the answer. They say that a life is priceless, but if you look at it this way, there are virtually an unlimited number of them for £15. Just £15.  I hope that through selling these CDs, we will be able to raise a great amount of money, because if we do, we could be saving 1000s of lives. If that’s not a good enough substitute for Fifa, what is?


Chai Cancer Care provides an ever increasing range of comprehensive, professional and expert services to any member of the community affected by cancer to ensure they meet all the needs of their clients. This includes counselling, complementary therapies, palliative care and home support for patients, their families and friends.

Asher: My grandpa, who just recently passed away, had cancer during the last year of his life and went to the Chai Centre in Hendon for physiotherapy and other support. This charity is one that is personally very close to my family as they were really good at helping him cope. I would love us to raise money for them as Chai don’t charge clients anything for their services and without donations they wouldn’t be able to do the amazing things they are doing.  

Emunah - Image

Emunah helps thousands of children in Israel through its network of residential homes, high schools, day care centres and therapy and counselling centres. Emunah addresses the complex needs of those affected by abuse, ill-health, poverty and violence in order to break the cycle of disadvantage and make their lives better.

Noam: I feel very sorry for the children who need Emunah, some of whom I have met when visiting Israel. I believe everyone should have a chance in life and Emunah gives many children a more positive future. The money we raise could make a tangible difference.


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