To obtain a copy of our CD, please donate to our chosen charities and we’ll gladly send you a copy in the post. Visit our new website, for information about our live performances.

The below are a range of testimonials received when we launched The 4 Sons in 2013 and in the years that followed:

“You were truly brilliant. We loved every minute. You created such a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone kept asking me who you all were & how we found you! Your voices were beautiful & you made it really special for all of us & the whole community”

“Amazing singing today! Really enjoyed having The 4 Sons sing – thank you so much for the great idea ! Thank you it was really special!”

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance at Abigail’s Batmitzvah last Saturday evening. You all sang so beautifully , it really made her D’var Torah all the more special. We wish you all the very best in your beautiful singing and fundraising”

“I have had the CD on in the car for the past few days. Both the kids and I love it! I think that it is an enormous “kiddush Hashem” and all the more so for the fact that one of the beneficiary charities is not a Jewish charity – Jewish children singing Jewish liturgical music is saving non-Jewish lives in Africa – that is a very powerful and important thing.   Kol hakavod and thank you.”

“We really enjoyed hearing you at our Grandson Jake’s Barmitzvah last Shabbat.  We have sent a donation to Chai and would like a copy of your CD. Thanks and good luck for the future.”

“We met you at the Wedding & Bar/Batmitzvah Exhibition recently and were blown away by your talent and also your purpose to support your charity. We wanted to know if you would like to play at a Bat Mitzvah November 29th next month?”

Adon Olam definitely my favourite. Really enjoyed the cd and will listen often.

Heard you on Shabbos at the Bar Mitzvah. Was very impressed, well done. And I sing myself (Neimah), so I am not that easy to impress.
I hope to hear more of you. Shkoyach!

“I listen to your CD every day – I just love it!!!!”

“The CD arrived! Everyone’s just glued to it – absolutely fantastic!! You can really be proud!!      Gateshead Rabbi, UK”

“All credit to you for doing something you love, bringing so much pleasure to so many people, and raising money for charity all in one go.  Well done!!”

“I thought your rendition of Adon Alom was superb at Shul. Everyone was raving about it!”

“I found the cd waiting for me when I got home. I just finished listening through it, it’s unbelievable!!”

“They’re all incredible and they work perfectly together! Thank you so much for telling me about it!”

“My young children have played the songs so many times this week that they have learnt all the words.”

“It was bought as a birthday present for my grandmother and she plays it every day.”

“I listened to the CD and I was blown over. It was overwhemlming, what talented boys!   I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and I shall continue to do so.”

“Fab idea – love it.”

“I have just listened to Adon Olam and Essa Eyani. Wow! So professional! The harmonies are spot on and the voices work so well together. The Essa Eyani is a stunning tune – really moving.  The arrangements are great. You all must have worked really hard and I am really impressed. A big ‘shkoyach to you all for the result and for raising tzedakah for such great causes. I will be ordering a CD and sort out a donation.”

“My son has told all the children in his class to buy the CD he likes it so much.”

“What a beautiful selection of songs, arrangement, voices and harmony!  Well done.  I can’t wait for Ari to hear this – I know he’ll enjoy it.”

“Hello, I recieved the CD today and I have to say it is amazing!  Well done to the boys in creating such an incredible thing!  I thoroughly enjoy listening to the beautiful voices.”

“It’s FANTASTIC, we LOVE your CD!!!  All of us.  We listened to it in the car not once, not twice but at least three, if not four or five times.  Of course we all have different favourites, but overall Adon Olam is our unanimous favourite, just brilliant!  We also loved reading everything you all wrote – your points of view and stories and the history etc – which brings it to life.  Just GREAT.”

“Emunah Israel posted your picture and link to your website.  Kol Hakavod and Yasher Koach to the four of you for your acts of kindness, altruism for raising money for such important charities.       Emunah Supporter, Canada”

“Thank you!   Your music has brought so much singing, calm and simcha to our house – the kids and I often sing the tunes.  I even heard our non jewish Hungarian au pair chanting adon olam to herself in a melodic fashion last week whilst in the kitchen.”

“OMG!  This is unreal!  Love it!  Do you have an agent for them yet??  From Los Angeles, USA”

“I am at my parent’s flat and they are listening to the CD and loving it. In fact mum and I just had a good old jig to one of the songs which made my dad have a good laugh!”

“I’ve just finished reading the accompanying leaflet whilst listening to the cd. It is absolutely amazing. You must be very proud.”

“Brilliant, thank you for sharing with me.”

“It is really worth buying – great songs, great voices, great charities!!”

“So lovely. Fantastic project, I see your son has acquired his parents social conscience!”

“Well done, the CD is great!”

“Totally amazing!”

“This looks really good. Kol Hakovod to them.”

“Such nachas.. we would love to donate & receive a CD .”

“Wow, didn’t know anything about this and am really proud of them. The web site is very impressive too.  Please pass on my very best of luck. Perhaps an X Factor audition next…?!  Will gladly donate.”

“FYI I love The 4 Son’s CD. Totally impressed, very, very cool.”

“I just wanted to tell you, me and the kids have been listening to the ‘four sons’ on a loop for the past 2 days, love it.! You should be really proud”

“Well done to the four of you and all the people who have supported you! Your website is just fantastic, and from reading all of your words it is so clear that this is a brilliant achievement for each one of you. I can’t wait to hear your CD.   Mazal tov and the best of luck to you.”

“Just heard the CD. Can we have 2 more please?   Also wanted to book them for my daughter’s batmitzvah!”

“Just had a beautiful & uplifting journey home thanks to The 4 Sons.”

“Big bravo to the 4 Sons. It’s a great project and I love the website too. Wow!”

“Well done to the four of you and all the people who have supported you! Your website is just fantastic, and from reading all of your words it is so clear that this is a brilliant achievement for each one of you. I can’t wait to hear your CD.  Mazal tov, the best of luck to you.”

“Zac listens to George’s CD every night before bed. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

“Just listened at the CD in the car. Superb!”

“Listened to this podcast yesterday and thought of George and his passion and work on this subject. Thought he might be interested in watching it. I would also add that Israel is a leader in desalination plants….  There are many aspects to this story. Enjoy!”      Podcast

“After our son’s barmitzvah we wanted to give some people a thank you present and thought a CD of youth singing Jewish music would be nice. We looked on countless websites and could not find anything we liked. This CD fills that gap in the market.”

“I was singing, rather mumbling Mochel Avonot all day today. Think I may have listened to it slightly too many times. So much so in fact that my PA asked me what tune it was. Apparently not a big hit in the Far East which surprises me!  Anyway played them the duet with Jeremy and George. They all now want to come to shul from now on; do we have a Church of England section?”

“I was given this CD for Mishloach Manot and I want to congratulate the boys on a fabulous piece of work. Having sang in lots of choirs myself, I know how much work goes into producing such a professional CD.   I love all the songs and was even caught sitting in my car listening to the end…. Really well done.”

“CD is amazing!!”

“The CD is absolutely awesome, brilliantly produced, and an inspiration to others! Gabriel insisted that we had it on this morning on the way to town.”

“This project is really terrific – the boys should be very proud of themselves.  It’s a really responsible and worthwhile thing to do which will change lots of peoples’ world for the better.  Please convey my admiration and encouragement. ”                                A United Synagogue Rabbi

“Thanks for the amazing CD. Adon Olam definitely the best!”

“This looks really good. Kol Hakovod to The 4 Sons.”

“The 4 Sons sung beautifully on Sunday and David has been listening to their CD ever since!”

“The CD is absolutely lovely.”

“Funnily enough, my mother in law was given their cd as part of a mishloach manot gift, and brought it to our seudah.  We really enjoyed it, it is a great cd, well done to the boys.  Please reserve a copy for us to buy.”

“Singing loudly along and loving this CD!!!  Stunning!!!!”

“I heard the boys sing at Noam’s barmitzvah and was bowled over by their wonderful voices. I can’t wait to receive the CD.”

“Hi, I was on Bnei Akiva machane with Asher and George and I was interested in buying a CD after hearing their amazing voices!”

“All credit to you for doing something you love, bringing so much pleasure to so many people, and raising money for charity all in one go.  Well done!!”


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